Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Brainwave Challenge #15

This week's brainwave challenge was a color challenge using the following colors:
Now before you look at my picture, I've got some explaining to do. Rick and I have our house listed for sale right now. Let me tell you, this makes the whole stamping hobby very challenging! Our realtor had direct orders to keep all the crafty stuff put away for showings and such. SO, everytime I want to make a project, I have to drag EVERYTHING out of my closet and drawers (including my table!). And then when I'm finished, I have to break it all down and put it back. UGGHHH
Well, last week I made a card and thought, what are the chances we'll have a showing?? I'll just leave this stuff out for another day or two. Well, wouldn't you know it. The very next day our realtor calls and someone wants to see the house THAT day! LOL Luckily Rick was home and could clean up. However, Rick's idea of cleaning up means shoving everything whereever it fits no matter where it should actually go.
So tonight, I made my card and I'm quite pleased with it. I go looking for my camera and it's no where to be found. In the midst of Rick's tazmanian cleaning spell, he misplaced my precious camera and he cannot remember where he put it. :(
My picture tonight is looking pretty rough! LOL I took this with the camera that is built into my laptop so it's really grainy and pretty crappy looking. But it will have to do until I can tear each room apart looking for a tiny little camera.
I used our "Delightful Dahlia" individual stamp and the sentiment is from our "Lovely Lilies" mini set.
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Amber (bambi64) said...

Lovely Kristin! Too funny about your stuff. Hate that when it happens. Can't wait to met you soon!

Ann said...

Oh the joys of selling a house!! It's a great card Kristin and I bet even more beautiful IRL!!!

chelemom said...

This is really pretty!!!

Jamie Martin said...

Wow, what wonderfully bright colors, love it :)