Wednesday, December 12, 2007

60th Wedding Anniversary Guest Book

Hello there!
Okay so here is my first posted, please forgive the poor photography as I have not mastered this art yet. I'm amazed at the clarity of the pictures on everyone else's blogs. I'll have to get tips from my partner in crime, Ashley Bowen! (hint, hint, Ashley) LOL! :)
So my Granparents were married November 20th, 1947. Isn't that incredible?! There's not too many couples who can say they've made it 60 years. I love my grandparents more than anything - they're the glue that holds our family together and I'm so blessed to still have them in my life. They're getting up in their years, but are fairly healthy and just as vivacious as they were 60 years ago.
My aunt threw a party in their honor and invited all their friends and family. She asked me to make this book and I'm so glad I did. I'm very proud of it and it's something they were both astonished to learn that I made! They've got it proudly displayed on top of their entertainment center and it makes me feel so good that they loved it so much. :)

Hope everyone has a lovely day!!

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